Israeli borne, Brooklyn-based photographer Doron Gild is inspired by the likes of August Sander, Gregory Crewdson and Norman Jean Roy amongst others. Throughout his fifteen years of professional photo experience, Doron has created his own style of portraiture featuring a particularly deep and rich palette with a focused passion for capturing people in their own environments, creating a portrait within a portrait. The people Doron photographs either fascinate him or simply inspire him to spend time with them. During his career he has managed to seamlessly navigate between Art and commercial projects, bringing his distinct visual voice to new platforms and collaborations.With either location specific sites or a lack thereof, light setups and mood are always planned in advance—every millimeter of Doron’s frame is considered meticulously, letting him concentrate on content and engaging with his subject for the most expressive result. With the exception of the right moment and the sitter being in that right state of mind, Doron does not leave much to chance and is always acutely deliberate in his process ultimately creating beautiful imagery that deeply explores individuals and the space they live and or work in, engaging the viewer’s experience of the story told.